So... as many of us do now a days, a couple of weeks ago I got caught up on Pinterest.  It's a great website isn't it?  I mean, as if I already didn't feel like I got enough done or completed all of the craft projects I have already started... well, this will just make that feeling a million times worse!  Or... better.  Since you can actually conveniently save those things you run across in one space so you always know where they are.  

Well, this is one of those such cases where I found something and put it away for a more necessary time.  Like HALLOWEEN!!!  I just happened to mention to Ella that if she wanted she could be an Owl for Halloween.  I was hoping that she would agree because it seemed to be a relatively inexpensive and cute costume idea.  And... SHE SAID YES!!!

So I got to break out one of my pins and get to work!  You can find the tutorial here.  So, in the tutorial they used a pink hoodie, I looked and looked and looked... I couldn't find any that I liked.  Because I wanted pants to match, but not the generic sweat pants.  Also, I wanted something a little more girly, but I didn't know exactly what it was... and then I found...
A Betty White (love her) velour tracksuit in a light lilac color at Walmart.  Nothing fancy.  The jacket has little metallic gold polka dots on it which I'm not a big fan of, but I figure that's nothing I can't fix with some silver sparkly puffy paint.  But then in the Garanimals line I found a lilac long sleeved shirt that matches the jacket well enough and lilac leggings with a darker purple skirt attached.  BINGO... that's the girly part I was looking for.  I have cut the pieces for the jacket or shirt and laid them all out and took pictures, but then I do believe that I have decided to make the hoodie as in the tutorial and then use the leggings and skirt as the bottom.  Hopefully it will all come out okay and I will have lots of cute pics to post :)